Welcome to the DŽIOVINUKAS

To preserve food for longer, people dried it. Our idea is not to dry the vegetables or fruits themselves, but to process them and make scones. This is how “DŽIOVINUKAS" was born, it is a delicacy without added sugar or chemical additives, thus preserving the naturalness of the product. We collect the best vegetables and fruits, add life-bearing seeds, the most fragrant herbs and spices. Then we rub the bags, stroke them and bring them to the dryer with the best ideas. The result: full and delicious DŽIOVINUKUS. Not bread, not biscuits, not fruits, not vegetables, but suitable food for everyone, a cartridge of good energy. On a trip or at work against hunger, coffee and tea will be a dessert, and maybe a symbolic gift for a dear friend.


Gluten free

Natural product

Suitable for everyone

“Both healthy and delicious" – this is what you can say about “Džiovinukas", so we offer to get to know, taste and enjoy the taste. And in the future, undiscovered delicacies made with love are waiting for you. We want to continue to delight you with its exceptional taste of dried delicacies!